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Aiming for the Head, and the Heart: The Art and Science of the PSA

Evolution Media knows that in order to be effective, a commercial or PSA must get to the heart of the matter instantly. Coming from backgrounds in television and advertising, we carefully craft strategy-driven spots that work at the head and the heart, and that motivate viewers to give, to buy, to act. In the world of spots, every second counts, and we make sure that every moment in a spot supports our client's goals and contributes to the overall message.

But that is just the beginning. Once we produce a PSA Package, we distribute it to hundreds of PSA directors at local stations and national broadcast and cable networks through our Evolution Media Communications Network. We have forged relationships with PSA directors nationwide, and have the network and the expertise to get your PSA noticed and onto the air. We also Nielsen encode every PSA we create and then monitor where and when our spots air, ensuring accurate reporting. Our recent PSA "Army of Hope," created for The Salvation Army, has received over 8,000 airings on local stations and national networks including Animal Planet and CNN, making it one of the most successful in their history. "Army of Hope" was also the recipient of a 2004 EMMY award for best regional PSA. A recent PSA on The Salvation Army's Disaster Relief Services released on the heels of Hurricane Charley ran on every major network including CNN, ABC and CBS, and on various cable systems nationwide. Our PSA for the Salvation Army's Summer Camp Program is currently in broadcast rotation on CBS and Bravo as well as hundreds of broadcast stations and cable systems around the country.

Recent work includes commercials or PSA's for The Salvation Army, ORBIS, The Wellness Plan, Door-to-Door Diabetic Supplies, Network Mortgage, The Detroit News, and others.

Sample Programs:

PSA, ORBIS International:

Save the EITC, Michigan League for Human Services:

Salvation Army Summer Camp PSA:

Salvation Army PSA "Army of Hope":