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Making the News Every Day: Video News Releases

Evolution Media news programming appears somewhere in the U.S. each and every week. We write, produce and distribute Video News Release Packages for a wide variety of clients, from hospitals to automobile manufacturers to .com companies. With our extensive experience in television news, we know the right news 'hooks' a story needs to maximize station interest, and we structure the VNR to make it easy for stations to air it. Evolution Media ensures that your VNR conveys your message, framed exactly as you want it.

But creating the package is only the beginning. Through our Broadcast Network, Evolution Media will distribute that message via hard-copy videotape, satellite broadcast, and the latest streaming video technologies to television news stations nationwide, providing unprecedented exposure. We also provide Nielsen broadcast monitoring to verify exactly where and when the stories run, eliminating the guesswork often passed off as research by other media companies.

Recent VNR clients include The Salvation Army, the University of Michigan Health System, Visteon,, ActionTec, Henry Ford Health System and others. To every client we bring news savvy, creativity and experience to ensure your message gets conveyed effectively and efficiently.

Sample Programs:

University of Michigan Health System Epilepsy news story:

University of Michigan Health System Peripheral Arterial Disease news story: