Non-Broadcast Programming

Corporate & Industrial

We Mean Business: Corporate & Industrial Communication

Large corporations must communicate to many diverse groups: employees, customers and potential customers, and to the general public. Evolution Media helps our corporate clients to focus their messages and to make their corporate communications programs efficient and effective. We serve as the outside 'in house' video communications department for many companies and organizations nationwide.

Our corporate and industrial work runs from corporate ID packages to trade show videos, corporate communication and video/DVD programming for clients as diverse as Chevrolet, DaimlerChrysler, Microsoft, Owens Corning, Nissan, NAPA Tools, Visteon, Freudenberg NOK, First Technology Safety Systems,, the University of Michigan Health System, La-Z-Boy, Subaru, Mazda, Monroe Shocks, Tenneco Automotive and many others. We have also created content for pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Bristol Myers and Novartis.

Sample Programs:

"Big Thinkers" DaimlerChrysler Financial Services:

"Heritage" Mercedes-Benz Financial

Excerpt, Dealer Education Video, Mercedes-Benz Financial:

Solutions for Your Environment, the Edward C. Levy Company: